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Publishing Credits

Publishing Credits
The Octologue

2000 - 2001

October 31, 2000: "Trepidation" wins iVillage's 1st Annual Halloween Fiction Contest.

April '01: "An Uncomfortable Remembrance" wins Honorable Mention in the InterBoard Poetry Competition (IBPC)
hosted by Web del Sol.

May 5 '01: Collection of poems published by HawkWind Creations.

May 20 '01: "Elsie Cardoza" places in IVillage's Poetry Slam.

May 25 '01: "From the Journal of:" wins short story catagory for the SciFi/Fantasy Writers Board at IVillage.

May 25 '01: "The Thorne Documents" wins the prologue catagory for the SciFi/Fantasy Writers Board at IVillage.

July 1 '01: 4 poems published by Retort Magazine (Australia)


August 2 '01: "Hostage" published by Fluid Ink Press in their August update issue.

September '01: Poem - "The Demise of Jonathan Ivers" in Friends of Darkness.

September '01: Poem - "High Tea with Victoria in the Sanatorium" published at Dark Moon Rising.

October '01: Poem - "Holiday Revalation" Promise Magazine, Autumn 2001 issue

November '01: Short Story - "From the Journal of: ..."  (SciFi/Fantasy) published in Dark Moon Rising


January: Essay - Inspired to Write Voice Magazine Issue #40


April: Poem - Definitive Prose Promise Magazine, Spring'02 Issue


May: Poem - Peel-N-Stick Blues published in Writer's Hood


May: Casa de los Muertos wins First Place in the Third Annual iVillage Poetry Slam.


June: Office Politics wins Short Story Category in IVillage's annual SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Contest.  Illegal Aliens takes first place in the Flash Fiction Category.


July: Anthology Magazine, Volume IX, Issue 4  Poem - Per Chance to Dream


July:  Women' Monthly Poetry Contest.  1st place with Writing Indignantly on a Hotel Napkin


September 2002:  Golden Wings - Anthology of World Poetry (Hardcover) Reunion Sold via mail-order from publisher  *Cover/link to the publisher at the bottom of this page.


October 31:  IVillage Poets Workshop 1st Annual Halloween Wrinting Contest -
First Place Winner in the short story category with The Last Written Confession

Second Place in the short story category with Marital Strife. Second Place Winner of the non-rhyming poetry category with Bone Dance


December: Taj Mahal Review (softcover) publishes Death of a Warrior: Tepia's Lament.   Sold via mail-order from the publisher. *Cover/link to the publisher at the bottom of this page.




January:  "Season's End"  - Shadow Keep Magazine

February:  Featured Poet of the Month in "Lil's Experimental Poetry Volume 1, Issue 1

April:  "Star Gazer" in Adagio Verse Quarterly's  Premire Issue 

April:  "Buddhism by the Hour" selected as First Runner-up by the Point of Life Foundation 

April: Boston Poet publishes "First Impression" & "Dependent on the Kindness of Weathermen

May: "Obstructing a Poet" wins First Place in the 4th Annual iVillage Poetry Slam

June: "Atmospheric Pressure"  Taj Mahal Review, Volume 2 *Cover/link to the publisher at the bottom of this page. 

July: "Yielding Fruit" & "Tourism Takes a Holiday" is published in Literary Potpourri,  Issue 2, Volume 7

July: "Office Politics" in House of Pain's Summer Issue Volume 7.

July:  "Honora's Melancholia Takes Form"  published in Dark Dwelling.

August: "Hash Schedules-n-Acid Plans published in EOTU Ezine, Volume 4, Issue #4 

September: "Siddown - I'll Fix You a Sandwich" (essay) in Lil's Experimental Ezine Volume 1, Issue #4

Literary Potpourri Anthology  Volume 2, Anthology III goes on sale.  *Cover/link to the publisher at the bottom of this page.

September: "Illegal Aliens" published in "Other Worlds: Alien Alerts" -  a SciFi anthology by Branch and Vine Publishers*Cover/link to the publisher at the bottom of this page.

September: "The Last Written Confession..." published in the Halloween issue of Sour Grapes

November: Lil's Experimental Ezine, Volume 1, Issue 5 publishes 2 Dada poems.  "Six of Spades" & "Cinco of Spades"

December: Lily -- A Monthly Online Literary Review publishes "The Cause and Effect of Milquetoastitude" from The Dour (and Dismal!) Series in its premier issue.

January: "A Sixty-second Interview with Cathi Hanauer" is published at Lil's Experimental Ezine.  Due to archive issues, click here to read it.

January: "The Octologe: and Introduction" is published in Newswire:


March: Interview with Robert W. Howington in Lil's Experimental Ezine.


March: Interview with Janice Kelley, author of Driving with the Top Down appears in Lily


March/April: Gaea's Cauldron publishes "Day Tripping" (article w/ photos) in their Spring issue. 


March/April:  "A Hint of Mouse" will be featured in the spring issue of The Dark Krypt


Spring: Impetus will publish "another buk joint because I can"  - watch for the link.


Spring:  Patricia reviews Michael Ladanyi's book, Humming Riddles in Naked Seasons for Sun Rising Poetry Press


Spring: "Disposable Chopsticks for a Round-eyed God"   published in Adagio Verse Quarterly.


April: "Oxidant - for Julie" published in Bohemian Rag


Poetry Super Highway:  Featured Poet, April 2004:


Chapbook: "Stroking Castro's Beard and Other Selected Poems"   published by Lit Pot Press: Stroking Castro's Beard


May: Octologue article published in Expressions, the monthly newsletter from Sams Dot Publishing:

May: Patricia reviews Donna Kuhn's chapbook, When Your Eyes Snow published in Adagio Verse Quartely:


May: "The Soloist" takes 2nd place in the iVillage 5th Annual Poetry Slam 2004.

June 15th: "Poet of the Day" on
Poetry Victims

July: Interview with author/editor/actress, Beverly Jackson appears in Lily.

July: Interview with poet & visual artist Donna Kuhn appears in the final issue of Lil's Experimental Ezine.  Click
here to read it.

August: Poetry Repair Shop publishes "the Mad Poet"

September: Unlikely 2.0 publishes two poems from The Dour (and Dismal!) Series

September: Dada poem, "King of Hearts" appears in Adagio Verse Quarterly.


Fall: The Dark Krypt will publish "Where Two are Gathered."


October: Interview with poet & publisher Jeffrey Spahr-Summers appears in Lily - an Online Literary Review.


December: Interview with poet & publisher Michael Paul Ladanyi appears in Lily - an Online Literary Review.




Early 2005: Four poems published by Sun Publishers in the anthology "Cosmic Brownies."  This anthology features the work of Maya Angelou.  Order at:


March: Simple Truths and Coughing Things, co-authored with Michael Paul Ladanyi.  Available at Little Poem Press.


April: An interview with David R. Surette published in Lily - an Online Literary Review.  Volume 2, Issue 5.

April: Poem - Mentoring: This is My Body published in Scorched Earth.

April: Poem - Reunion published in the Bay State Echo, Issue 135


April: Poem - An Assessment (formerly titled Weird) published in the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's Temper Review.


June: Poem - Berto's Folly in the June edition of Scorched Earth.


Spring: Five poems in the Muse Appentice Guild (The MAG)


Summer: Review of Kristi Swadley's Water Pistol Suicide Pose appears in AVQ.  Click here to read it and other reviews. 


Summer: Poem - Disgrace for the Surrealistically Modern Poet published in Blue Fifth Review.


Summer: Poem - Gilt Edged in Animus #15.  Click Sheltering Pines Press for purchase info. In Bangor, Maine, visit Border Books for purchasing.


July:  Poems - By Reason Of ... & Baby's Breath (companion pieces) are published in the newly revamped Scorched Earth along with an interview on Ms. Gomes.


August: Poem - A Lenten Parlor appears in Zygote in My Coffee, Issue #45.

August: Poem - Culpability Behind Dark Circles in Zygote in My Coffee, Issue #46.

September: Behind Closed Doors (short story) wins 3rd place in the vampire contest, Bitten.


September: Poem - When it Seems Like a Good Idea, Remember appears in Mastodon Dentist.


September:  Poem - Christina's Apprehension appears in Zygote in my Coffee.


September:  Inaugural issue of Lorraine and James -- Global Urban Literature publishes "For (insert your name here), I Did Know You." 


Fall:  Artella The Octologue: an Introduction in its Fall/Winter 2005 issue


October:  Poetry - Underground Window publishes a selection of poems

October:  Poem - Hortense Prepares Dinner appears in Wicked Alice.

October: Interview with artist Lew Lehman published in Lily  


December:  Premire issue of The Blueprint - An Assemblage of the Fifth Element will publish 4 poems plus artwork.  A direct link will be added.



February:  Poem - Warm Milk and Habaneras published in Blue Fifth Review's winter issue.

March:  Poem - Alphonse at Rest published in Lily (Volume 3, Issue 4)

March:  Poem - The Rise of King Shaka is published in Tim Book Tu

April:  Poem - Keeping Up Appearances published in Carnelian.


Mid-April:  Poem - The Temptation of St. Damon is published in Artistry of Life.


Early Spring:  2 poems, And, Said the Needle and Blight: The Poet on Hold will appear in the anthology Washing the Color of Water Golden from Sun Rising Poetry Press.

May: Poem - On the Wrong Side of the Bourne Bridge will appear in the print anthology "Cape Cod Writers".


June: Poetry - The White Space of Orphans and poured over ice are published in Underground Window.


July: Poetry Ebook - A Scheduled Departure published by Lily Press.  Link below.


July:  Poetry - By Reason Of and Baby's Breath will be published in Southern Gothic Online.


September:  Poetry - poem included in the upcoming anthology Susan B. and Me.  Purchase info will follow publication.




February:  Poetry - 28 Lines in Soil and Ash will be published in Scorched Earth.


April: Interview - "A Gal's Gotta Do" Betsy Lister a.k.a. Gypsypashn.  Lily - an Online Literary Review.  Due out April 1st.


April:  Poetry - The Classification of Hibiscus, and One Man's Claret will be published in Mannequin Envy.


September: Poetry - "Blueprint" is published in The Bay State Echo.




June 2008: Poetry - Mannequin Envy, 2 poems


August 2008: Poetry - poetryfish publishes 5 poems in its Spring '09 issue


October 2008: Poetry - Bay State Echo


October 2008: Art - Mixed Media, Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (Cover), "Bush's War"


November 2008: Poetry - Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), "Drowning Noemi"




January:  The Mattia Family 12th Annual Poetry Competition (Canada) "Blueprint (for all my Girls)" places in the finals.



 FebruaryThree Rooms Press new print journal Maintenant 7 (DaDa issue) publishesThe Three of Spades  Available from                                                                                     

April:  Make a Poem Noise Here publishesJocelyn in Marble

August:   Unlikely Stories publishesPaladinandDiffused Light Through Wire Mesh

Fall 2013:  Eye Machine Recordings publishesCulpabilityin their electronic journal, Chlorine Gunsmoke.        

Fall 2013: Black Cat Lit will publishMarking TimeandTravel Login their inaugural issue.





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